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Injuries can be a very serious thing, if you have suffered an injury due to the negligent acts of another person then you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance of a representative from The Bowlin Law Firm. Our firm is dedicated to the excellent service and representation of our clients in court. Your case is important to us and if you choose to work with us, we will fight for your rights, your goals and your desires regarding the outcome of your case.

Various Accidents We Can Assist In

One common cause for catastrophic injuries is a truck accident. If you have been involved in a truck accident that was caused by the negligent actions of the truck driver then our firm may be able to help you obtain monetary compensation for your injuries. It is important that you seek legal assistance as soon as possible as your rights to benefits could be forfeited due to statutes of limitations if you wait too long.

Some various truck accidents that can occur may include truck rollovers, jackknife accidents and underride accidents. A jackknife accident occurs when a trucker puts on their brakes and the cab stops but the trailer does not. The trailer slides around the side of the cab and pins it in an unmovable position. A rollover accident can begin this same way but when the trailer has slide a certain distance, the tires will catch and trip the trailer so that the whole truck rolls. Any vehicle that is in the path of a rolling or sliding trailer can suffer great damage.

An underride accident occurs when the safety bar on the back of a trailer fails and a small car that rear-ended the trailer travels beneath the trailer. This can often be a cause of wrongful death as the bottom of the trailer often scrapes off the hood of the car all the way back past the driver's seat. If you have been involved in a truck accident or other car accident that was caused by the negligence of another then you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance of our firm.

How can we help you?

The local Greene County News has many different stories regarding various accidents that have occurred and injuries sustained by various individuals. If you are injured in an accident then do not hesitate to contact our firm as soon as possible to retain our skilled services in your case. We have been serving the personal injury victims of Greene County for many years with many successful cases that we have handled and many satisfied clients whom we have represented in the past.


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