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Jail rape is a form of sexual abuse that may be inflicted upon an inmate by another inmate or by a staff member. At The Bowlin Law Firm, we are committed to pursuing justice on behalf of individuals who are the victims of jail rape. As a highly recognized and awarded lawyer, our founding attorney knows what it takes to protect an individual's rights as he or she pursues justice for a jail rape case in Morristown, Knoxville, Hamblen County, and Knox County.

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Jail Rape Statistics

According to a report by the United States Department of Justice, an estimated 3.2% of jail inmates have, at one point, reported one or more occurrences of inappropriate sexual actions by a staff member or another inmate. However, the report claims that these numbers may be inaccurate due to failure to report the actual number of sexual assaults that occur.

Another report came from the Human Rights Watch in 2010, estimating that at least 140,000 inmates were the victims of jail rape while they were incarcerated. Further research has shown that it is 5 times more likely that juveniles who are in the same facilities as adults will be victimized by sexual assault than they would if they were in a juvenile detention center.

Overcrowding in Jail & Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Mass overcrowding in jails has become a serious issue, which can further contribute to jail rape. With more inmates to watch over, less protection is offered and inmates become more susceptible to rape and other forms of jail abuse.

The transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is also a prevalent issue caused by jail rape. The number of inmates with HIV or AIDS is alarmingly high; in fact, jails currently hold significantly higher rates of HIV in comparison to the general population. This is because violent forms of unprotected intercourse have the highest risk of transmitting STDs.

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