Felony DUI Charges

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Basic offenses of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) are considered misdemeanors. There are, however, many cases in which individuals can receive felony charges for their alleged DUI offenses. This happens when certain aggravating factors are present in the offense. When you are facing felony DUI charges in the Morristown, Tennessee area, you should immediately retain the services of a knowledgeable Morristown criminal defense lawyer who has experience handling DUI cases. The legal team at our law firm, The Bowlin Law Firm, is ready to provide you with high-quality representation. Read the information below to learn more about felony DUI in Tennessee.

DUI Offenses Classified as Felonies

Here are the types of DUI that can be charged as felonies in the state of Tennessee, according to the state's Department of Safety & Homeland Security:

  • Fourth or subsequent DUI offense
    • Class E felony: Up to 1 year of incarceration (no less than 150 consecutive days served)
  • Child endangerment: DUI with passenger under 18 years of age
    • Class D felony when child seriously injured: 2 to 12 years of incarceration
    • Class B felony when offense involves child death: 8 to 30 years of confinement
  • Vehicular assault: DUI causing serious injury to another person
    • Class D felony: 2 to 12 years of incarceration
  • Vehicular homicide: DUI causing the death of another person
    • Class B felony: 8 to 30 years of incarceration
  • Aggravated vehicular homicide while driving under the influence
    • This offense occurs when the offender of a DUI-related vehicular homicide offense has certain priors, and sometimes also when the offender had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.20% or higher.
    • Class A felony: 15 to 60 years of confinement

In addition to imprisonment, sentences for felony DUI offenses also include expensive fines and lengthy driver's license suspensions or revocations.

With the help of a skilled defense attorney, you may be able to get your charges dismissed or obtain a verdict of "not guilty" in Knoxville, Knox County, Hamblen County, or Morristown, TN. Other possible positive outcomes could be a reduction of your charges or reduced sentencing.

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