Drug Sales in Morristown, TN

Defense from a Morristown Drug Crime Lawyer

According to Tenn. Code Ann. §39-17-417(a), it is a crime in the state of Tennessee to knowingly sell a controlled substance. Law enforcement officers oftentimes set up undercover operations in order to catch individuals in the act of selling drugs. If you have been arrested for an alleged drug sale, this means that you are at risk of receiving penalties that could have a major negative impact on your freedom and your future. Due to this fact, you should not delay in securing experienced legal counsel to help you defend yourself in court.

At The Bowlin Law Firm, you can work with a Morristown criminal defense attorney who has the skills that are needed for building a solid defense plan. We have experience handling various types of drug crime charges in Knox County, Knoxville, Hamblen County and Morristown, TN.

Common Signs of a Drug Sale

There are certain signs that tend to indicate the sale of drugs, as opposed to simple possession. Some of these signs include a large amount of drugs, a large amount of cash, drugs that are separated into separate packaging and hidden compartments in vehicles and other property. Officers and prosecutors will often try to use these signs as evidence that a person committed a drug sale. Officers may also try to charge a person with the offense of possession with intent to sell.

Possible Penalties

The offenses of selling drugs and possessing drugs with intent to sell are considered felonies in Tennessee. Individuals who are convicted of these crimes can end up being sentenced to years of imprisonment and very expensive fines. In some cases, the fines can even amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Offenses that involve repeat offenses or the sale of drugs to minors carry enhanced penalties.

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