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Expungement is the process of having criminal records sealed from availability to the public. Some of the most applicable ways that this can help you is if you are seeking employment, housing or other benefits where your employer or landlord will check your criminal record before hiring you. It is important for you to discuss this option with our law firm if you have been convicted of a crime in the past as we may be able to help you through this process and to open up a very bright future for you, which is unimpaired by a record that you incurred due to a past mistake.

According to Tennessee Code Annotated, individuals who qualify for record expungement include the following:

  • A person who is exonerated by the governor
  • An individual who was dismissed and the proceedings against this individual were discharged, unless the dismissal was for a sexual offense
  • A first time offender other than for a sexual offense, and the offense was committed before the individual was 21 years of age
  • An individual who has complied with the terms of judicial diversion

There are many other individuals who may qualify for expungement and there are other factors to consider when determining eligibility. If you are seeking answers and you wish to know if you qualify for expungement of your records then you will benefit from the legal assistance of a Morristown criminal defense attorney from The Bowlin Law Firm. We also represent those who live in Knoxville, Knox County, and all throughout Hamblen County, TN.

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Our firm will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding this process, discuss your case with you and help assess whether or not you qualify, help you through this process and provide you with representation if needed.

Contact our firm today to retain legal assistance that will maximize your chances of a favorable outcome. We serve the criminally accused in Morristown and other communities in the Hamblen County.


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