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There are many different federal crimes that an individual can be charged with. There are essentially two government agencies that can prosecute a criminal, state government and the federal government. There are crimes that can be committed in a state that will be tried as a state offense or a federal offense, sometimes these areas can overlap and there is an option to try the crime as either a state or federal offense. In some rare occasions a crime can be tried as both a state and federal offense.

Common Federal Charges

While there is a list of literally thousands of crimes that can be committed as a federal offense, here is a list of some common federal crimes:

Obtaining Proper Legal Assistance

If you have been charged with a federal crime then it is vitally important for you to obtain legal representation that will be able to aggressively defend your rights in court, whether you were charged in Morristown, Knoxville, Knox County, or Hamblen County, TN.

At The Bowlin Law Firm we have the skill and the experience that you need on your side, we have been serving the criminally accused residents of Hamblen County, Tennessee since 2005 with a long history of success and many satisfied clients whom we have represented.

While there is no one element that decides whether a crime will be a state offense or a federal offense, there are some elements that will be considered in determining if the crime committed is a federal offense. For example, if you were to commit a crime on federal property, it will automatically become a federal crime.

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