Child Support Cases in Morristown

Representation for Your Case

When a family has separated and minor children are involved, it is important that the parent with physical custody works to obtain child support from the non-custodial parent. Attorney Troy L. Bowlin, II, can provide clients with the highest level of representation to ensure that their child support needs are met. Whether you are in the divorce process looking to establish a support amount or you need modifications to your existing divorce decree, it is imperative that you work with a Morristown family law attorney from our firm as soon as possible.

Depending on the type of divorce that you are going through, your child support issues may be handled in several ways. In a collaborative divorce, your marriage counselor may provide input to help determine the total amount of child support that will be owed to the custodial parent. In an uncontested divorce, your attorney will work with you to help you determine support, whereas in a contested divorce, you may need to go before a Morristown family law judge to determine the support that you will receive.

Obtaining Back Child Support

Are you owed child support? Unpaid payments can cause a great deal of concern for custodial parents. It is a crime in the state of Tennessee to not pay your child support, and even out-of-state parents are required to pay all support when it is due. In order to enforce unpaid child support, it is recommended that you work with an attorney who can assist you in filing all necessary state and federal paperwork to collect past-due and regular child support payments.

Once the spouse is located, any of the following collection methods may be taken to ensure that delinquent payments are received:

  • Reporting their back payments to a credit reporting agency
  • Denial of federal tax refunds
  • Passport application denial
  • Driver's license revocation
  • Automatic withholding of wages
  • Liens on property

If you are facing a child support complication or you need assistance in obtaining unpaid support, it is important that you contact Troy L. Bowlin, II right away and schedule a free case evaluation with the Morristown divorce lawyer as soon as possible. With the guidance of our dedicated staff, you may be able to receive a favorable outcome for your case, whether you are in Knox County, Hamblen County, Knoxville or Morristown.


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