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Collaborative divorce is sometimes the best option for couples who are able to agree on the majority of terms regarding their separation. In a collaborative divorce, the couple will work directly with an attorney from The Bowlin Law Firm to reach amicable resolutions based on the best options for both parties and any children. In the process, they may avoid serious legal fees and avoid the stress of a family law trial.

At The Bowlin Law Firm, our team of dedicated attorneys understands that all clients are unique and may be facing unique situations, so we work hard to help you reach amicable resolutions in a short amount of time.

When a couple takes a collaborative path toward divorce, they are able to work with numerous parties to help reach their goals. This type of divorce differs from mediated divorce or uncontested divorce and allows the spouses to work with marriage counselors, financial advisors, specialists and the attorney to reach the best possible resolution for their case. The attorney can act as mediator, or a mediator may be hired to help all parties. Instead of going to court, these proceedings usually happen in an office as an open meeting, during which parties can work together to reach a desired resolution for child custody, spousal support and asset division.

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If you and your spouse can agree on the majority of the terms of your divorce, then the collaborative divorce option may be the best choice for you and may provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your best interests will be fought for throughout the entire divorce process. At The Bowlin Law Firm, we pride ourselves on devoting the necessary time to our clients and ensuring that they receive the best resolution available for their case, whether they are located in Knoxville, Knox County and Morristown, TN.

If a collaborative divorce seems like the best option for you and your family, contact our team now and schedule a free case evaluation as soon as possible.


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