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Boating is one of America's greatest recreational pastimes. Whether by boat, Jet Ski, or one of the many other types of recreational watercraft, more and more people are taking to the lakes and rivers of Tennessee to enjoy our beautiful state's waterways. The increased frequency of inexperienced boaters on the water translates to more accidents, however, and cases of disastrous personal injury.

If you have been involved in a boating accident and have suffered an injury as a result of another boater's negligent act, it is important that you get professional legal assistance from our Morristown injury attorney with The Bowlin Law Firm. Contact us today.

There is a wide range of serious or fatal injuries that take place in an accident on the water. Boating accident victims commonly suffer from broken bones, head injuries, brain damage, severe lacerations and drowning accidents. The process of recovery varies depending on the nature of the injury, and the costs associated with treatment can range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Whether you are facing short-term injuries, long-term injuries that require rehabilitation, or your loved one has been permanently disabled or died, the legal system provides a process to recover compensation for all damages for victims.

Compensation for Your Boating Accident Injuries in Morristown

Given the high cost of medical treatment for injuries, boating accident victims can soon be facing huge medical bills, and may be completely unable to work and earn a living. At The Bowlin Law Firm, we believe all of our clients deserve to be compensated for the injuries they have sustained at by the actions of negligent boaters and other watercraft operators. We work closely with the victims to craft a case that establishes negligence, if in question, and to pursue the maximum possible compensation for all damages. We represent boating accident victims and their families throughout the communities in Hawkins County, Greene County, Jefferson County, Grainger County and all areas in between, including Jefferson City, Morristown and Newport.

Statistics on Boating Accidents in Tennessee

The number of registered vessels in the state is over a quarter of a million. The rate of accident per 100,000 registered vessels is 62.79/100,000. The most common type of watercraft involved in an accident is the open motorboat, and the most common incident was a collision with another watercraft. The greatest number of accidents took place while cruising. Alcohol or drug use was a significant contributing factor, and was determined to be the primary cause of the accident in 4.9% of the boating accidents.

It has been shown that 20.3% of the accidents involved rented boats, which are frequently operated by inexperienced people – an ongoing danger to innocent people sharing the waterways. In that year, there were 24 deaths, and the most common type of accident that led to fatalities was capsizing. The primary cause in these fatal accidents was alcohol impairment – 21%.

Obtaining Qualified Legal Assistance

If you or your loved one has been the victim of a negligent boat operator, whether the responsible person was inexperienced, drunk or on drugs, or operating their boat in a dangerous manner, you need legal help. It is necessary to interview witnesses, gather reports from law enforcement or other agencies that could have been involved, and to take action to pursue compensation. Having a Morristown injury lawyer by your side throughout this process can be extremely helpful. We also serve those in Knoxville, Knox County and Hamblen County.

Contact our boating accident attorney at The Bowlin Law Firm if you or your loved one has been injured, permanently disabled or died.


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