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In 2010 there were 138 individuals who were killed in a motorcycle accident in the state of Tennessee, only seven of which were found to not be wearing a helmet. Due to the nature of a motorcycle, it is unable to provide the same safety features as a small sedan or other vehicle; because of this they are far more dangerous to the drivers in the case of an accident. There are numerous cases where individuals become the victims of wrongful death or catastrophic injuries such as amputation injuries, quadriplegia and many others in a motorcycle accident.

Due to their relative size compared to a larger vehicle, they are easily lost in a car's blind spot and therefore can easily be hit when a vehicle is changing lanes on the road. There are numerous other causes for motorcycle accidents, but the common denominator in the vast majority of these accidents is the element of negligence. Negligence is defined as a lack of reasonable care, this means that with a little more care, the number of motorcycle deaths in 2010 could easily be reduced to a few if not zero. If you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident due to the negligent acts of another person then you may be able to collect monetary compensation for your injuries in Knoxville, Knox County and Hamblen County.

Justice and Compensation in Motorcycle Accident Claims

If you are seeking to obtain money damages to compensate for the financial hardships that you have incurred due to this injury then you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance of a representative from The Bowlin Law Firm. Our firm has been serving the personal injury victims of Hamblen County, TN and the surrounding areas since 2005 and we have achieved many significant victories for our injured clients over our years in practice. We believe that in cases of negligent driving leading to a serious motorcycle accident, the injured victim deserves every possible form of compensation.

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