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It is the responsibility of every manufacturer to make products for people that can be used in their intended fashion without causing harm. By following safety codes and testing the products before releasing them to the market, the manufacturers hope to avoid causing harm. Every day in every part of the country, products are used; from purchasing food products to driving in your vehicle, you are choosing to use a certain product. In the instances that a product does malfunction, the results can be dire for the person or people affected.

For residents of Morristown, TN that have experienced injury from a defective product, it is important that you seek out legal attention as soon as possible. Only a qualified product liability attorney can discover all the elements of your case, investigate the cause of your accident and work to help you achieve financial compensation. If you attempt to represent yourself, it could be extremely difficult as the state's laws can be confusing in this particular area of law.

With over 10 years of combined legal experience, the Morristown injury attorneys at The Bowlin Law Firm will put your best interests at the forefront. As a member of the American Association for Justice and the American Trial Lawyers Association, Attorney Bowlin has a passion for producing positive settlements, while pursuing justice against negligent individuals and corporations. We serve clients in Knox County, Knoxville, and Morristown, TN.

What are some of the most common cases of defective products?

Some of the most frequent defective product incidents take place in the drug industry, automobile manufacturing and food service business.

Below we have explained these different types of product liability cases:

  • Drug Industry Issues: Drugs that do not perform their necessary function and cause damaging side effects are a common example of product liability. While the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is adamant about testing prescription drugs many times before releasing them to consumers, certain side effects can go undetected. Eventually these drugs that end up causing more harm than good often get recalled.
  • Defective Motor Vehicle Parts: A car that does function properly or does not protect its passengers in the way it should could lead to serious harm. Injuries are very common in simple accidents such as being rear ended or being involved in a roll-over crash. When airbags do not deploy, the driver could hit the steering wheel, breaking their collar bone, skull or even cause an incident of wrongful death on impact. Seat belts that do not work properly could cause a passenger to be ejected from the vehicle in a car accident as well. With so many working parts and functions in a car, it only takes one cog in the wheel to malfunction and cause an injury.
  • Food Industry Error: Both restaurants and food manufacturers that produce items to be purchased in stores and consumed by individuals are at risk for liability with their products. Whether this means finding an item in the food that was not supposed to be there or foodborne illnesses being transmitted to consumers, it can create an illness or other undesirable outcome. Sometimes pieces of metal or plastic can make their way into bags of food, which could break a person's tooth or become ingested, causing greater problems. Bacteria and toxins in food can easily translate into a health issue when food is left out too long, proper health measures are not taken when preparing the food and other reasons. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approximately 0.43 percent of illness caused by food requires hospitalization of some kind.

How do I prove that the product was defective?

The nature of product liability cases requires that you as the consumer reveal that the company responsible for the product was negligent about checking it before distributing it. There are three different elements of production that you can examine to determine who is at fault for any injuries you have sustained. First is the design element, which involves those who created how the product would look, work and achieve some sort of goal. It is also their responsibility to test it and look for any structural issues, double check the safety features and ensure that the product will be sustainable.

After the design, it goes to the manufacturers who are responsible for taking the design and implanting it into an actual product. Even one small error could cause the product to malfunction when used. Using improper materials or lack of attention to detail by the manufacturer can result in a poor product. Lastly, it is necessary that every product have proper labels. For items that could be potentially dangerous, they have the legal responsibility to provide clear warning labels so that the consumer is aware of the risk before using it. If you believe any of the above three reasons may be to blame for your personal injuries, please do not hesitate in getting in touch with our office. Time is of the essence with product liability cases, as you only have 1 year from the date of the incident to seek out restitution.

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