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Busses are some of the largest vehicles that occupy the road, next to semi-trucks. School bus drivers have a lot of responsibility as they are transporting many children at a time, to and from schools. In the job description for school bus drivers, they are required to be extremely attentive to traffic and weather conditions so they may employ safe driving methods in order to ensure the safety of their passengers. These drivers are also responsible to ensure that their vehicles are in good operating condition by testing brakes, lights and other components on a daily basis. Finally, they are responsible to maintain a safe environment on the bus by enforcing rules of conduct and behavior of their passengers.

While school bus drivers are not generally required to possess a college degree, there are various training programs that they must complete in order to ensure their competency on the road. When a school bus driver acts negligently, or is not prepared, the results can be catastrophic. In addition, there are many other negligent drivers on the road who can cause accidents. The results of a school bus accident can often be catastrophic to the passengers as there is generally a great lack of safety restraints and airbags to minimize the damage done in an accident.

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