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In a day and age where people tend to distrust businesses and companies, when a problem arises in corporate governance, the results can be immediately detrimental. The rules and regulations surrounding various aspects of corporate governance are complex and continually evolving. Board committees, boards of directors, and executive management are constantly trying to navigate these complexities while maintaining a standard of efficient operation.

At The Bowlin Law Firm, our Morristown corporate governance attorney can offer sophisticated, knowledgeable advice while helping your company maintain efficiency in the workplace.

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Corporate governance essentially structures the ways in which shareholders, directors, officers and other participants are to interact with one another and outside parties, each with regard to certain rights and responsibilities. This ensures that all the necessary parties are checked and balanced so the corporation can run with integrity.

The Bowlin Law Firm can assist with the following:

  • Counseling on board and committee composition
  • Advising on internal corporate control measures
  • Determining executive compensation
  • Meeting regulations such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act & Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Our Morristown firm is experienced in a wide variety of matters and can help your company thrive in the area of corporate governance. With skilled advice from our seasoned attorney in Morristown, you can trust that your company will benefit from our assistance.

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Whether you are looking for advice in complying with state-specific corporate governance standards or are in need of representation in a corporate governance-related case, The Bowlin Law Firm can guide you through this complex legal matter. Every case will be evaluated on an individual basis and crafted to best benefit the unique needs and circumstances of your company or corporation.

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