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Pursuing a claim against a government entity is vastly different from litigation concerning private individuals or entities. Because of government oversight and control over legislation and regulation in industries, the effects of government litigation are much more wide-reaching than their private counterparts. The majority of these cases also are subject to increased scrutiny by media and can impact the politics that concern the case. Because of the unique nature of these cases, it is necessary to retain the advice and representation of a skilled government litigation attorney.

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Areas of Government Litigation

Government litigation occurs in areas outside the private sector. Our firm has the wherewithal to help you pursue a settlement with a government entity or to tenaciously advocate for you in court.

Some examples of government litigation include the following:

  • Constitutional challenges to federal, state, or local laws
  • Licenses, permits, and entitlements
  • Disputes concerning municipal finance
  • Investigations of administrations
  • Civil fraud litigation
  • Land usage and zoning
  • Mergers and annexations

Areas of representation include governmental contract disputes, ethics and compliance issues, conflicted interests in governments or organizations, public construction projects, audit obligations and more! Often, government litigation is pursued by school districts, government officials, agencies, and private clients. Whatever the case may be, contact a skilled government litigation attorney in Morristown to represent your rights.

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