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Employer and employee relationships in the U.S. are largely protected by minimum wage and overtime laws. When one of these is compromised, an employee has the legal right to pursue wage theft litigation against their employer. Wage theft is becoming more and more common, and millions of dollars were paid last year to employees in a wide variety of industries who were not getting fairly compensated for their work.

The Fair Labor Standards Act—the federal minimum wage law—sets the minimum wage at $7.25 an hour with overtime calculated at a time and a half that amount. Individual state laws are allowed to raise, but not lower, the minimum wage amount. Currently, three cities also have the capability to set their own wage rate.

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Pursuing Wage Theft Lawsuits

As a worker, you have certain rights and protections. There are a number of different issues that may be considered violations of state and federal minimum wage laws, opening the door for potential wage theft lawsuits.

Common wage theft issues include the following:

  • Working Through Breaks: Numerous states require a mandatory amount of breaks for employees. Pressure to work through these breaks can be enough for a lawsuit.
  • Lack of Overtime Pay: Many companies avoid paying overtime, some by illegal means. Altering timecards or employee hours may be grounds for a lawsuit.
  • Stolen Tips: Wage theft may take the form of illegally retaining percentages of tips from food service employees or other tipped employees.
  • Incorrectly Reported Hours: Any illegal alteration to employee hours can be grounds for a lawsuit. This negatively affects the employee and adds up over time.

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