Attorney Bowlin Successfully Brokered Dismissal for Client Charged with Attempted First Degree Murder


In a recent criminal case, Attorney Troy Bowlin represented a client originally investigated on the charges of Attempted First Degree Murder. The client was being accused of shooting at their spouse in the aftermath of an argument the two were having. Facing potentially 15 to 60 years in prison for Attempted First Degree Murder, the client could potentially have lost their future and their freedom. Attorney Bowlin worked relentlessly, seeking out every possible avenue of investigation and gathering all necessary evidence, until he was able to broker an agreement where his client's charge was reduced and will ultimately be dismissed.

For Attorney Bowlin, the thought of having his client charged with Attempted First Degree Murder was completely unacceptable. With aggressive legal tactics, both in and out of the courtroom, he successfully obtained a positive resolution that involved a complete case dismissal and absolutely no jail time. His client will instead be placed into a Judicial Diversion program for one year, after which all of his charges will be expunged from his record. What is judicial diversion? It is a highly beneficial program created specifically for those that are first-time offenders. This includes those that have zero felonies, no class A misdemeanors on their record, have never had any offenses expunged and have never received a diversion. It is a helpful program that allows for the individual to not only walk away with no jail time, but it allows for the record of their offense to be completely destroyed upon completion of the probationary program. Attorney Bowlin not only recovered his client's freedom by attaining this verdict, but it also allows for the client to move forward with life years down the road, as they will not have a record to haunt them.

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