Early Reports Point to Tire Malfunction in Tragic Bus Accident


In the aftermath of the tragic bus crash which happened on Interstate 40 Wednesday afternoon, investigators with the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Tennessee Department of Transportation are focusing on the cause of the accident. Early indications are that the bus lost control and collided with a semi truck and an SUV following what Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency director Brad Phillips referred to as a "tire malfunction." If indeed a "tire malfunction" caused this tragedy the question then becomes, what caused the tire to malfunction? Was the tire old and worn? Did it run over something in the road and puncture? Or, was it defective? If the tire turns out to be defective, the manufacturer, designer, or even commercial supplier of that tire could end up being liable for this horrific accident. Tennessee products liability law requires designers, manufacturers, and commercial suppliers to pay for the injuries caused by the defective products those parties placed in the stream of commerce. Types of accidents like this one are one of the major reasons why we have products liability law, to ensure that the parties who caused the damage by placing the products into the market pay for the high costs of the injuries those products cause.

If you've been involved in an accident or suffered an injury due to a malfunctioning piece of equipment or device, you very well may have a case against the manufacturer or parties involved in the creation of the product. Contact the Law Office of Troy Bowlin today to discuss your case and get on the path to both physical and financial recovery.